Division Skills

Our club is composed of four levels of play divided by intention and skill. Athletes are placed following evaluation by coaches.

Looking to learn new skills, have fun, and be a part of our community? You will find recreational division athletes with the same intentions.

Interested in higher level training and tournaments? If you are looking to push yourself, our competitive stream will surely challenge you.

All athletes are able to attend two weekly practices with their training group. One of these practices will see both groups within the same division training together. On occasion, both divisions mix at house leagues, or weekly practices.


Recreational - Foundation

For those new to water polo, this group provides an introduction to the sport. Skills taught include eggbeater, water polo swimming strokes, ball handling, and the rules and tactics of our sport. Coaches begin with the basics and structure practices to develop individual skills comprehensively. As skills advance, the Foundations level joins the Recreational Advanced group in weekly scrimmages.

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Recreational - Advanced

With some experience with water polo, athletes at this level continue to learn new skills and strategy. At weekly practices, a combination of training, drills, new skills, and scrimmages are used to teach the sport. Players in this level are there with the intention of improving skills in a recreational environment. Players can elect to pursue competition through tournaments of their own choosing.

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Competitive - Foundation

Players in the competitive levels play with the intention to compete in tournaments and to represent the team externally in the international LGBT water polo arena. Players continue developing skills and refining technique with a higher emphasis on fitness and mastery of skills. Regular practices carry the expectation of high intensity and focused play at a high level - suitable for competition. This level is for players looking to gain the experience to play the sport at a competitive level.

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Competitive - Advanced

Our elite athletes play at the Competitive - Advanced level. A high level of performance and sport leadership is expected from athletes training in this group. They are the club’s representative at international LGBT competitive water polo events.