Meet the Coaches

Coaches are our teachers and leaders. They guide club decisions on skill, training, and approach.


Christi (Head Coach)

Competitive Advanced

Cool, calm, collected; Christi is a former Canadian national competitor and a champion to our club. Her advanced skills and knowledge empower our advanced athletes as they go, go, go for the gold.

Mother of (sea)dragons.

Position: Left Driver



Competitive Foundations & Recreational

Our heart and memory; Lawrence is a founding member and one of our first goalies. He has been with us from the beginning with his passion and commitment being an integral part of our community.

Few are the Triggerfish that haven’t been trained by our beloved LoLo.

Position: Keeper




Train hard, play harder; Kirsten has boundless energy and enthusiasm for sport participation. Her skill as a teacher is helpful when leading a team on tour and maintaining our focus.

Eye on the prize and don’t leave your buddy at the bar!

Position: Hole Check



Recreational Advanced

Grit and determination; as a seasoned goalie and coach, Sean’s resilience is second to none. He instills dedication in our athletes as they continue to develop water polo skills under his guidance.

It’s not over till the final whistle sounds.

Position: Keeper



Recreational Foundations

Serving fresh fish; Paddy excels in establishing water polo skills in new athletes and encouraging the social side of our club. His quick wit and sharp sense of humour can diffuse a frustrating training session or get the party going.

Just keep swimming.

Position: Right Driver

All coaches are certified by Ontario Water Polo