Our Executive Team


The Triggerfish are a volunteer run, not-for-profit athletics club. Our executive team are members elected to coordinate, manage, and run the daily activities of the club. They work with the team’s coaches to arrange activities, both social and competitive.

As volunteers, the executive team is always happy to receive the support of club members in contributing back to the club on committees, planning or otherwise.

Will Griffiths Triggerfish Executive Head Shot.jpg

Will Griffiths


WHO RUN THE WORLD!? The military-industrial complex. I on the other hand help the Executive run the Toronto Triggerfish. Whether it’s chairing meetings, representing our club within the water polo world or pouring swimwear clad people into Toronto’s Pride parade. You will find me close at hand, helping to guide the day-to-day operations of this community I call home.



Zak Milijanic


Show me the money…and I'll make sure your contributions are wisely spent to provide for the sustainable future of our club. From training to tournaments to social events you’ll find me involved and loving every minute!



Justin Lorentz




Michael Vieira

Competitive Liaison

Hi, I am Michael Vieira. I joined this club in 2016 as a means of exercise, socialization, and to challenge myself - never before had I played water polo, not to mention wear a speedo! Since then, I have grown immensely as a person and player. As such, I have decided to support the club by contributing some of my time and energy as an executive member.

As Comp Rep, I promote the active participation of comp players and act as a liaison between the club's executive and comp athletes. Whatever division you may be in, I encourage you to share with me your goals, ideas, concerns and lottery winnings. I welcome your money....I mean input!



Michael Chung

Member Coordinator

First point of contact, at your service! I am here to make sure you are welcomed and integrated into the club. I also work with the secretary and treasurer to maintain the membership list.

Question? Send me an email or talk to me in person! I bite, but only with consent.



Georgina de Roché

Womens’ Liaison

Calling all non-male Triggerfish members: if you like laser tag, tiki drinks, and lonnggggggg emails in your inbox then I am your gal. I am responsible for coordinating our monthly practices, organizing special social festivities, and forever seeking opportunities for us to play as a unit. So don’t be a stranger. I can assure you, I won’t be!

Email: deroche0110@gmail.com


Nicole Schmidt

Recreational Liaison



Ryan Saunders

Social Events Coordinator

Having a bad case of FOMO!? Don’t’ fret, you have come to the right place! Be social and get to know your fellow Triggerfish. I am here for your social needs, whatever they may be! Whether you “subtly” prefer to be the centre of attention or you are that person who always finds themselves in awkward moments. Every family has their crazy dynamics and I am here to help you embrace ours. I am responsible for coordinating our yearly social events and assisting other members with their social endeavours including fundraising, new intake of aspiring Triggerfish, and sponsorship activities. Feel free to reach out to me anytime with new or returning ideas for events and definitely to find out how to become more social!



Gregory Beck Rubin

Equipment Coordinator

More than just fancy accessories like bonnets and balls, reliable equipment keeps the game running smoothly and supports players training. It’s a team effort to maintain these vital pieces, and as equipment coordinator I’m excited to lend my skills to bolster good practices among the membership. I also welcome your input and I’m equally happy to show new and seasoned players the ropes so we can all be SO PROUD of our club gear.



Ben Straatsma

Media Coordinator

I’m just here to make sure the clubs clout stays 100 emoji.


Reinier Tromp - Head Shot.jpg

Reinier Tromp

Tournaments Coordinator

Flying Dutch Fish! I have been organizing our annual water polo tournament called PoloPalooza since 2017. Three days of fun fun fuunnnnnn in the pool with both a competitive and recreational division and teams coming from across North America. Make sure to be there if you are a guppy, it is the best way to get used to tournament play!